“Louise is one of the most passionate people I know.  In a world of change, conflict, doubt and fear, she brings a message and style of hope and optimism to all she does and for all of whom she serves.”
Todd Duncan – Founder and CEO, The Duncan Group, New York Times best selling author


“Louise has a relentless commitment to add immense value and expertise to those that are fortunate enough to work with her.  If you are blessed enough to be part of her team, you can be assured your will always get more than you could ever give.  Louise knows the power of taking care of her people, both clients and her referral partners.  Her objectives are authentic and powerful:  That anyone that works with Louise will have a remarkable experience that builds relationships for life.  Her experience writing for national magazines, including the Mortgage Originator Magazine and others, her commitment to give to her community and her willingness to share expertise is unmatched.”
– Terri Murphy Communications, Inc. – CIO of U. S. Learning, Inc. – Featured author with Donald Trump – “The BEST Real Estate Advice I Ever Received”


“Louise Thaxton is one the nation’s most respected mortgage professionals.  When you meet Louise it is obvious that she has extraordinary knowledge and your best interest in mind.  Any homeowner would be considered lucky to have Louise as their mortgage professional.  She is also an expert mortgage planner who knows how to help homeowners select a mortgage strategy that will help them achieve their short and long term financial goals.”
– Dave Savage, Founder and CEO of Mortgage Coach


“Anyone can give a person a mortgage–it takes someone special, like Louise, to look at the big picture and provide clients with financial wisdom to show them how use their real estate investments to create long-term wealth. She is an inspiration to me and everyone that I know.”
– Karen Deis, Mortgage Speaker, Trainer, owner and CEO of MortgageGirlfriends.com


“Louise Thaxton is one of the great up and coming trainers in the mortgage industry.  Few loan originators have ever experienced the enormous production growth that Louise has achieved in the past two years……… Louise clearly understands the critical combination of specific loan originator strategies and proper mindset that are vital to implementation.  Her presentation and training will equip you with the tools that are critical in today’s mortgage market.”
– Tim Braheem – Founder and former Chief Creative Officer of LoanToolbox


“Louise was an inspiration to the thousands who were fortunate enough to hear her share her moving story from the stage in Las Vegas ……  Her spirit is palpable, her message authentic and global.  Do not miss a chance to participate in her widening circle of influence.  You will be thankful as I am, that you did.”
– Susan Ross, Certified Coach, President, Blue Ocean Coaching, and Gratitudetogo.com

2 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. 1 Jobe Repola April 6, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Louise – This is about the most impressive list of testimonials I have ever seen, not only from the giants of our industry, but more importantly is what they have said about you. I look forward to seeing you again in June.



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