Welcome to Seven Pillars of Success!

I want you to feel totally at home here! Please….sit down, get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and explore. I pray you will find something here which will inspire, motivate, educate, and/or uplift you today.

A little about “Seven Pillars of Success”:

A person’s life is comprised of many different areas, and therefore, there may be varying degrees of success for each area.   A person may be wildly successful in one area of their life, and that same person may experience extreme failures in another.  For example, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company may considered a huge success in the business world, but at the same time, his family considers him a failure as a father and husband because he spends so little time with them.

The definition of “success” I am using is  “….the achievement of intention:  the achievement of something planned or attempted….”  If you seek success for your life, you must be able to identify what is it truly counts in your life.  What are the pieces that form the WHOLE you?

In much the same way, in the quest for success, you must get very clear, deliberate and INTENTIONAL with your thinking and with establishing your mindsets or habits of thought to break through mind blocks which can hinder your success.

“Please join us on the journey to building a life of success, significance and satisfaction as we examine the seven mindsets – or habits of thinking – which we call the Seven Pillars of Success:

I.      Purpose

II.    Possibility

III.   Passion

IV.   Plan

V.     Priority

VI.   Perseverance

VII.  Promise Keeper

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